Formerly a corporate lawyer, I graduated Harvard Law School and later earned a Master's in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute. From toys to complex medical devices, I've spent the past 28 years guiding innovation through strategic product development, and have helped hundreds of clients bridge the elusive gap between creative insight and commercial success.

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As design consultant to a broad range of markets and industries, I keep my finger on the pulse of critical trends in consumer electronics, medical devices, transportation, IOT, toys, and a host of other product categories. I bring that foundation of understanding to my work as design expert witness, and it has proven invaluable to developing effective litigation strategies and legal arguments.

The focus of my work includes the design of compelling aesthetic solutions and brands, as well as the development of novel features, functionality, and business models which allow clients to engage user needs and capitalize on profitable market opportunities. I'm named inventor on over 40 US design and utility patents, and serve as Chair of The Industrial Designers Society of America's (IDSA) Design Protection Committee.

Designers think in such a unique way that it’s been coined “Design Thinking,” while legal analysis requires a distinctly analytic perspective. As design expert witness I approach disputes involving the protection of design from both vantage points, and my value to your case is enhanced by the ability to address legal challenges from both a designer’s and a lawyer’s perspective.

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